Hotter than a pepper sprout.

  I’ve never been one of those parents who has the children’s cds in the car so they can sing their Barney tunes all day. I’ve always played music that I like and hope that they don’t tell me to turn it off. But either way, there’s no way I was going to be listening […]

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It’s just a phase…right?

  E-What’s passed away? Me-To go to heaven. E-To doggy heaven? M-Yes, to doggy heaven. E-Aw, that’s sad. They say that kids don’t have the cognitive understanding to comprehend certain things until they’re much older, but that doesn’t stop them from asking the questions when they’re 3. It forces some of the most uncomfortable, awkward […]

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4 month prison sentence over?

(the girls on the morning of our last snow) H-Oh my goodness. The snow is so bootiful! E-Oh my goodness. When is it Spring? While she might not have totally understood how amazing that statement was, Elle couldn’t have captured my feelings any more clearly. Now that the weather is starting to warm up and […]

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Mommy’s Little China Dolls

“We China Girls!” My parents didn’t go away on work trips or on vacation without us much when we were kids, but when they did, we most certainly expected them to bring us something back from where ever they went. I didn’t care if it was a piece of candy, a t-shirt, or a snow […]

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Kid Beer Here!

H-What’s that? Aaron-That’s my beer H-can I have it? Aaron-No, but you can have kid beer. H-I Love Kid Beer! What do you do when your kids want a drink of your beer when you’re hanging out with friends? No you don’t give it to them idiot, that’s just wrong. You tell them they need […]

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What’s in a name?

E-I went to the dentist today and got a new duckling. Me-I know. I was there. E-I named her Elle. That’s such a cute name don’t you think? Noah, Nina, Parker, Taryn, Marissa, Tessa, Marsha, Maggie, Fawna, Michelle and Donna. Those are all the names the girls went through before finally naming something after themselves. […]

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