Parenting is hard (understatement)

Me- What do you have to say?

H-Sorry for not listening.


H-Me and Elle talked on the bed and we said we don’t love you anymore.


To say that nobody ever told me how hard parenting is would be an understatement of epic proportions. Sure, people said it’s a lot of work or that kids will take up a lot of your time, but when it comes to truly teachable parenting moments I would have to say it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

By my nature, I’m a very short-tempered person, which is where the majority of our conflicts come into play. I think my expectations for what a 3-year old should be doing are also out of whack, because sometimes they are so amazingly good and mature, that i forget that they are just little kids.

As a parent you are constantly faced with teachable moments and I fear that I’m failing miserably in that category. I know my girls love me, but the fact that they had a little pow-wow to discuss not loving me really hit home. I have to be more patient with these two and learn when to walk away. Then come back when I’m ready to handle them as the adult and not act like the child. I read last night, that your children learn from your actions more than they do from what you tell them to do, so it’s no wonder that my children are loud, yell a lot and throw temper tantrums all of the time.

They’re just replicating what they see every day. Me.


2 thoughts on “Parenting is hard (understatement)

  1. Gah… love this post. And hate it at the same time. I’ve got a few “Don’t love yous” lately. Even the extra special “I wish you were dead.” Jason always seems to know what to say at moments like that, where I just stand their with my mouth agape.

  2. Yeah Tela, it cuts right to the bone and i feel horrible because i know why they said it. I had no idea what to say…i almost wanted to just apologize to them so they wouldn’t hate me anymore.

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