First National Bank of Bacon

The girl's future shopping trip

E-I gots lots a money today. I tell people it’s gonna pay for my college and they just give it to me.

Yesterday we went to Bill and Kathi’s to watch the UK game with the whole crew. Needless to say, there were plenty of people around to keep the girls entertained for the afternoon. At some point they got some change from Joanne which sparked their entrepreneurial/begging spirit.  I may have advised them to keep asking people for change and if anyone asked to say “it’s for my college fund.” Apparently this approach, combined with their amazingly cute faces allowed them to bring in a couple dollars worth of change. That and Tracey might have mentioned hitting up Aunt Selma for some money.

So with all this cash in hand, we decided to break out their piggy banks for the first time. They gladly deposited all their change into Bacon Savings for safe keeping. I  told them that if they fill up their piggy banks, then they can spend the money on whatever they want, so I’m guessing their begging days are not yet over. I just hope they don’t start hitting up their friends or random people for change. I do hope that they continue to save the money they get and that those piggy banks fill up fast.

We shall see how their patience lasts. I’m sure at some point their going to want to break these banks open to see their cash, or maybe they’ll just be excited to fill them up. Gotta start teaching them now to save early, or they may never learn. Luckily their college funds are already locked up in 529’s and savings accounts at the real bank. But for now, The First National Bank of Bacon is open for business.



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