What’s in a name?

E with little E

E-I went to the dentist today and got a new duckling.
Me-I know. I was there.
E-I named her Elle. That’s such a cute name don’t you think?

Noah, Nina, Parker, Taryn, Marissa, Tessa, Marsha, Maggie, Fawna, Michelle and Donna. Those are all the names the girls went through before finally naming something after themselves. They have quite a few babies, to say the least and some rather creative names to go along with them. So I was pleasantly surprised that Elle decided to name her new duckling after herself. More than that I am happy to know that she likes her name and thinks it’s cute.

To be honest, her name came to us second when we were picking out names for them. It was Sophia and Isabelle until we found out that Sophia was the most popular new baby name for girls and Isabelle was in the top 20. We knew that being twins was going to be hard enough to create their own personalities, so being one of 3 other Sophias in her class was not an option. We happened across Hudson by a happy accident at the daycare they now go to and fell in love with it. The problem at that point became what to do for the other name. Isabelle was too “fancy” to be teamed up with Hudson, so we took a little time to figure it out.

I like to take credit for Elle’s name, but I’m pretty sure it was Tracey who came up with it. I thought it was a modern spin on IsabELLE. Get it? But I think tracey took it from Elle magazine, Elle MacPherson or maybe it was Elle from legally blonde. Either way it was the perfect compliment to Hudson and we’ve loved it ever since. It’s just really great to know that Elle loves it too. Well, enough to name her plastic duckling after herself.


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