Kid Beer Here!

H-What’s that?

Aaron-That’s my beer

H-can I have it?

Aaron-No, but you can have kid beer.

H-I Love Kid Beer!

What do you do when your kids want a drink of your beer when you’re hanging out with friends? No you don’t give it to them idiot, that’s just wrong. You tell them they need to get a tasty beverage that’s appropriate for them: kid beer.

Everyone has friends or relatives who you think might not be the best influence on your kids. Mine are Uncle Seb and Uncle Araon. Not that they are bad guys by any means, but they aren’t around kids all that often so the likelihood of an F-bomb being dropped in front of the girls automatically increases when they’re around. It’s ok, the girls never really hear it and they absolutely adore their “uncles.”

Aaron and Seb’s best influence to-date has to be kid beer. I didn’t really think it would stick, but they just won’t let it go. Almost every time I have a beer they say they want kid beer and I can’t help but laugh.

Nice work guys.


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