Singing in the rain. Well Kind of.

For the last month or so, since it’s been raining almost every day, the girls have been bugging me to get them umbrellas. A friend of theirs at school has one, so they had to have one. Of course, like any kid, it couldn’t just be any umbrella, it had to be a very specific one. Princesses. Dora. TinkerBell. It had to be one of those.

After looking at a few different Targets, we finally came across some when we went to Walmart the other night. Needless to say, they were super pumped. Coincidentally it was raining that night so they got to use them right away as we walked to our car. On the way home the thanked us continually and even gave a “YAY UMBRELLA! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!”

When I picked them up from school the other night they begged me to play in the rain with their new umbrellas, which I agreed to, but only after they ate dinner. The only problem with this little game is that it wasn’t actually raining when we finished dinner. That didn’t deter them in the least as you can see in the video. They still played with their umbrellas. They still sang in the rain. And they still had a blast, even without the rain.


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