Mommy’s Little China Dolls

“We China Girls!”
My parents didn’t go away on work trips or on vacation without us much when we were kids, but when they did, we most certainly expected them to bring us something back from where ever they went. I didn’t care if it was a piece of candy, a t-shirt, or a snow globe, I just remember being so excited to get a little gift.
While I have travelled a bit since the girls were born, I’ve never done a good job of bringing back fun gifts for them. I did get them “I ♥ NYC” t-shirts when they were like 1, but not much since then. I don’t know why I never really think to buy them even the smallest little thing at the airport. They’d be pumped if I brought them a pack of Skittles or something. “Here cutie, these are Chicago Skittles.” They’d be pumped.
Tracey on the other hand, is the absolute queen of amazing trip gifts. When she went to Germany and Brazil last year, she brought them back candy and little airplanes and a few other little trinkets. When she went to New York, I think she brought them back some cute shirts or something. On Saturday, she got back from San Francisco with the motherload. She got them little geisha dresses, silk umbrellas and little paper fans from Chinatown. She might have bought them more if she had more room left in her suitcase, which I swear was absolutely packed to the rim when she left. Trust me, I carried that thing out and I have no idea how she fit anything else in there.
Not only did the girls look adorable and love the fact that they have some amazing new dress-up clothes to play with, but I think Tracey has put the whole travel gifts competition out of reach. Not that we’re really competing, but the more I write about this, I feel like I’m losing big time. And I hate losing.

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