4 month prison sentence over?

Spring has Sprung

(the girls on the morning of our last snow)

H-Oh my goodness. The snow is so bootiful!

E-Oh my goodness. When is it Spring?

While she might not have totally understood how amazing that statement was, Elle couldn’t have captured my feelings any more clearly. Now that the weather is starting to warm up and we’re able to go outside, the more I’ve been feeling like the last 4 months of winter have seemed like a  prison sentence. Trapped inside. No hope of enjoying the sun. Crazy kids, going even crazier because they can’t burn off the sufficient amount of energy to wear them out. I don’t know how much that is, but trust me, these two do actually get worn out. I think.

There are just so many more things to do in warm weather. There’s walks to the park. Trips to other parks around town. Venturing down to the Dye Compound to run around in the wild. Visit cousins and play outside. The choices are just so much more entertaining than being trapped in our house. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love our house. It’s everything we wanted and the girls do have plenty of space to play, color, run around and whatnot. But…it all gets a little old after a while.

So now that spring is officially here, it’s not only warmer, it’s staying lighter outside longer. That means more time outside and a lot less time trapped inside. Knowing the weather in Cincinnati, I’m sure there’s still another random snow in our future, but at least we’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the warm weather until that happens. And to that I say, “Oh my goodness, it’s spring!”


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