It’s just a phase…right?


Funny Face. Funny Questions.


E-What’s passed away?

Me-To go to heaven.

E-To doggy heaven?

M-Yes, to doggy heaven.

E-Aw, that’s sad.

They say that kids don’t have the cognitive understanding to comprehend certain things until they’re much older, but that doesn’t stop them from asking the questions when they’re 3. It forces some of the most uncomfortable, awkward moments for you as a parent, but also forces you to be either super creative, or just stumble over your own tongue. Questions about body parts, how babies are made and what it means to die, are just a few of the more obvious ones that I’ve gotten from these two. I just try to stay really vague. It’s kind of the “play dumb” approach.

You see, the less info you give them, the less they have to build a fantastic story out of it. Or if it’s just boring enough, maybe they’ll forget about it and won’t bring it up any more. Now I can’t quite remember what we were talking about the other night, but somehow death came up. Sometimes the girls say things like “i’m going to get a knife and kill it,” or “we going to kill that ghost with our guns.” I’m not a huge fan of them saying that something or someone is going to die, so I told them they need to say “passed away,” instead of “dead.” It hasn’t really worked. I mean, if I had little boys, I’d expect them to be playing guns and trying to kill things. But these are my sweet, princess loving girls who are talking about killing stuff with their knives.

So what is it? What is their obsession with death? Is it that they don’t understand it and their only knowledge of it, is that you go to this wonderful place called heaven? Who knows, but I guess at this point in their life, ignorance is bliss. I just don’t look forward to having those real conversations with them, where I can’t make up some funny side story to distract them. Those days are coming soon, but until them I’m just going to keep doing what I do best…play dumb.