Hotter than a pepper sprout.


I’ve never been one of those parents who has the children’s cds in the car so they can sing their Barney tunes all day. I’ve always played music that I like and hope that they don’t tell me to turn it off. But either way, there’s no way I was going to be listening to that addictive, mind numbing children’s music.

Last year at their school, the girls had a talent show where they performed a few songs like Take me out to the ball game and You are my sunshine. They sang/practiced almost every single day for this talent show and they were so excited to perform. Honestly it was one of the cutest things I’d seen them do in a long time. Standing up there performing in front of all those people, singing their little hearts out made me so proud. At that point I had no delusions of them becoming the next Christina Aguilera, but it was pretty awesome.

This is them swinging and singing, You are my sunshine


Since then, they’ve taken to a few songs that we’ve played for them and  ask me to play them almost every day on the way to school. One of those songs is Jackson by Johnny Cash. It started off with them just liking the songs and listening to them. Before I knew it, they were telling me to turn it up and they were actually singing most of the words at the top of their lungs. Again, no delusions of stardom, but I love that they’re singing along with something that doesn’t come from the mouth of a big purple dinosaur.


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