Gearing up for Birthday Month.

Celebrating Uncle Joseph's Birthday

The girls have been pumped about their birthday going on 3 months now. I’m pretty sure they’ve asked every day about their birthday since Christmas was over. I guess it makes sense, since that would be the next logical holiday where they get gifts. They’ve also gotten it into their head that they somehow get to celebrate their birthday more than one day, which came from having multiple parties on their first birthday. Not that they remember it, but they’ve seen pictures and videos from their parties in St. Louis and in Bellevue and have deduced that every year there will be multiple parties. I thought people only started doing that when they turned 21? You know, when birthdays become like a week-long event that you celebrate over and over again in order to stretch out the amount of attention you get.

Well, we started off Birthday Month by celebrating Uncle Joseph’s birthday last night (which isn’t technically April) but close enough. Next up is Lucy’s birthday, which we’ll be celebrating on Saturday. The girls party is on the 23rd and there are several people I know who have kids with birthdays in the same week. Must have been something in the water that year. My dad’s birthday is also in April, two days after the girls, so I’m sure we’ll be celebrating that too, just without all the fan fair.

Back to the girls party…it’s going to be a Princess themed party, which they are truly excited about because they like to dress up every day anyways, but now they have a reason to make everyone else dress up as well. The theme and idea to dress up came from Tracey and Nichole in what I think is an attempt to live out their princess birthday party dreams that they never had fulfilled when they were little girls. Listening to the two of them talk on the phone about dressing up like princesses is something I can’t help but enjoy. At this point, I’m not sure who’s more excited, Tracey and Nichole, or Hudson and Elle. I guess we’ll find out on April 23rd. Until then, lets all enjoy birthday month.


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