Growing up too fast.

I guess with their 4th birthday quickly approaching I’m starting to think about how fast they’re growing up. Yesterday presented one of those scary glimpses into the future of what I’ll be dealing with as these two get older.

We were picking up their toys and putting them in the garage before dinner and somewhere along the line they  got an idea to play in my car.  When they put their babies in the car seats and hopped behind the wheel it reminded me of that Subaru commercial. The one where the father is talking to his little girl in the front seat of a car and he’s telling her all the things she needs to do. Then the camera switches back to her to reveal she’s actually 16 and driving. Now, fortunately for me, the girls are still only three and not actually 16 and ready to drive, but I’m sure the next time I blink my eyes, I’ll be giving that same speech.

One of the things that makes this even more real for me is that my little twin cousins, Jessi and Kasey are now 16 and driving with their temps. I find myself asking my Aunt Jen about what it’s like to have them grow up so fast. She never gives me any answers that are comforting, but I think it’s good to know what’s in store for me in the future. It also assures me that writing this blog and posting the funny things they say on Twitter will come in handy when I want to remember how they were when they were little. When I become that dad from the commercial, I’ll just have to go back inside, open up my computer and read over the many musings of these fun little girls. And I’m sure I’ll cry a little too, but don’t tell anyone.


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