The silence is deafening.

(I really just posted this video cause it’s funny to me. It doesn’t have much to do with the headline of this post other than to show that even at a very early age, they were really freaking loud and said things that made me giggle.)

What I’m really writing about is the eerie calm that has flooded over our house on Wednesday evening. It was one part creepy and one part calming. It’s kind of like drinking a vodka redbull I guess. One relaxes you, while the other makes you kind of jumpy.

Tracey and I fixed our dinner and then sat down on the couch to watch a movie. We didn’t have to rush through eating, but we did because we were starving. We finished the movie, I got out some work and she headed off to bed. It was a really nice night. Nobody was yelling or getting in trouble. Nobody was talking back or yelling. Nobody fussed about getting into their pjs. Nobody stayed up an extra two hours after they were supposed to go to bed. I actually cracked open a beer and thought to myself, “wow, this is nice.”

I dropped the girls off with grandma on Wednesday for a long weekend away.

Hence, the peacefulness. The calm. The relaxation.

I’ll miss them no doubt, but I’ll miss the quiet even more when they get back. I guess all there is to do is enjoy it while it lasts. Like the beer. Cheers.


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