While they were out.

Road Trip!

You can’t put a price on 4 days of peace and quiet. Well, I guess if we total it up, we really can.

With the girls out of the house at Grandma’s for 4 days, Tracey and I took it upon ourselves to do a little shopping. We got the girls their big birthday present. We got a new couch for the TV room. We both got some new clothes for work and even managed to go out to eat for dinner. I’m sure there were some other expenditures along the way like groceries and stuff like that, but overall our free time resulted in us spending money and it felt kind of nice. Don’t worry, it’s all within our budget and only a few purchases were sheer impulse buys, but overall it was a great 4 days.

I guess there is no way to get around spending money for some free time, or in our case, spending money on our free time. Babysitters almost double the cost of your date nights. Trips to the grocery or to the mall are usually excuses to get out of the house and gain back a little sanity from their constant energy. Vacations cost money of course and usually include the kids, so that doesn’t count.

So what was the cost of this 4 day break from the kiddos? Not the couch. Not the clothes. Not the food. All it cost us was the gas money to meet Grandma in Louisville to drop them off and pick them up. That’s what, like $30? A small price to pay for a little piece and quiet and the ability to spoil ourselves for the weekend. I know Grandma enjoyed her time with the girls as much as we enjoyed our time without them, but I have to say, Thanks Grandma. This weekend was priceless.


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