Just like riding a bike.

Well I guess technically a tricycle isn’t a bike, but now that the weather is nice, the girls are trying their hat at riding a bit more. We were walking by the neighbor’s house the other night when their little twins (Kate and Rhett) came running out and wanting to play with the girls. At some point while attempting to get out every toy they own from their basement, the tricycles came out. Clearly two tricycles for 4 kids wasn’t nearly enough, so I ran back to the house to get Hudson and Elle’s. The video above shows the train of kids riding down the sidewalk.

They were so proud and kept asking if they were doing good. It was pretty fun to watch them all struggle to keep themselves on the sidewalk and peddle at the same time. Overall it was fun and the girls love it. We went for another ride the next night and the girls showcased their talents to mommy.

I keep telling the girls that when they get good at their tricycles, then i’ll buy them big girl bikes. They not only seem to be well on their way, but as you can see, they are also kind of outgrowing them as well. So new bikes could be in our future. Unfortunately, we already got the girls their big birthday presents, so they might have to be a gift on the side later.

It’s one of those milestones that you think about when you imagine yourself having kids. Sending your little one off on their bike for the first time. It looks to be coming a little sooner than I’d imagined, but for now, we’ll just stick with the almost-too-small-for-them tricycles. It’s just like riding a bike, right?


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