Their new Crib

Chillin on the porch

When I was a kid, my dad built my brother and I a “tree house” in a huge sycamore out behind our house. I use the term tree house loosely because it was more of a giant platform set about 30 feet up in the air. Ok it was probably only about 10 feet off the ground, but as a little kid, it seemed really high. This platform was set up more like a WWE wresting ring with ropes around the edges for railings, than what you’d consider a real tree house. What our sanctuary lacked was an actual house on top of this huge structure, but it really didn’t matter. It was our place to play and we made the most of it.

For the girls birthday, we got them a Kids Crooked House. We had ordered it the month before their big day and it luckily arrived on the friday before their party. The catch was that it was in pieces that needed to be assembled, and that, coupled with the never ending torrential rains that have taken over for the last month meant that I wasn’t able to get it set up for them. Luckily we got a break in the weather this past Saturday and my dad was gracious enough to come help me put it all together. After about 5 hours, some post hole digging (by my dad), a couple bags of concrete, several screws, some detailed instructions reading and a pretty decent amount of sweat, we had it done.

The girls were pumped, and rightly so.

Not having much usable space is our back yard usually resulted in them playing more in the driveway and front yard, which was ok, but not ideal. With this new clubhouse, hopefully they’ll not only play in the back more, but feel like they have a great place to play and call their own. They’ve already started decorating the inside with stickers and are constantly bugging Tracey to “go buy us stuff” to make it fancy.

They spent the better part of the day in there and keep asking when they can go sleep in it, so I think it’s safe to call this birthday present a success. While it’s no elevated-wresting-ring-platform, it’s a pretty sweet playhouse and I hope the girls love it as much as I loved my tree house when I was a kid.

Hudson going in
Elle's house

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