Playing Dress-Up

When we found out we were having girls, all delusions of playing GI Joes and rough housing with little boys went out the window. Those thoughts were replaced by Barbies, tea parties, dolls and playing dress-up. Now, I’m in no way saying that girls aren’t fully capable of doing the same thing boys are. I’ve known my fair share of tom boys who enjoyed playing in the dirt and mixing it up as much as the boys. But, I knew that it was more likely that I’d be their “model” wearing lipstick and a tiara some day, than I would if we had boys. (for the record, I haven’t had to do that yet.)

At around age 2, the girls really started to love dressing up in fancy costumes, cute dresses, tairas, boas, lipstick (lip gloss really) and whatever else they could get their hands on. They’d come in from school, go straight to their room and change into something a little more formal for the evening. In general, they just really love clothes. They’ve been picking out their outfits for school every day since that time too, which is helpful, since I’m the one who gets them dressed most days.

A few birthdays and Christmases later, they’ve collected a wardrobe of fancy clothes that even Carrie Bradshaw would admire, and they love dressing up. They are truly their mother’s daughters and I mean that in the best way possible.

The other night, when Tracey was working late, the girls decided to take it to a whole new level. They raided mommy’s closet. I’m not sure how long they’d been at it, but they had almost every pair of heels, every scarf, sweaters, skirts and anything else they thought was fancy, was out on the floor. They really seemed to like mommy’s high heels and they kept saying, “look at me, I’m a mommy.”

So, what started off as somewhat of an unknown for me, (because I’m a boy who grew up doing boy things and didn’t know much about playing dress-up and having tea parties) has turned into something I really enjoy watching with the girls. When they’re playing dress-up, I can see their minds working and their imaginations growing. And that’s just as much fun as playing in the dirt, shooting pretend guns and wrestling around the house. Of course we do all of that stuff too.

Here’s a few of their dress-up outfits:

Fancy Hats
Princess Hudson
China Dolls
Cowgirl Dresses
pretty flower

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