Picking a favorite.

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Two days after the girls’ birthday is my dad’s birthday. Exactly two weeks after his birthday is mine. They’re all so close it would be impossible to forget one of them right? Wrong. I forgot to call my dad on his birthday this year, even though I’d seen him the day before for Easter. This move automatically moved me down on the pecking order (of 2) for favorite son. This battle has been going on for years. My brother and I, always jockeying for position in what we consider #1 spot in the will. Now we both know good and well that there is no favorite (it’s really me) and that our parents love us equally, but it’s been a fun competition for years. It’s the differences in our personalities that allow us to battle back and forth. One minute you’re the golden child and the next you’re late for dinner and have dropped down the ladder. (my brother has always been late by the way.)

While the girls are still far too young to be battling for the rights to our life insurance policies, I know the competition between these two will be a good one, because their strong individual spirit drives them to “win.” Tracey and I are always asked about the girls personalities and differences. For the most part, our answer is that they are very different, but both trade off their days of being good and bad–outgoing or shy–sweet or saucy. We think it’s good that they aren’t put into a particular category as “the shy one,” or the “outgoing one,” which sometimes kids adopt and take on that role forever. They let it shape who they are because that’s what everyone called them or said they were. So while they are very similar in many ways, it’s the differences that make them who they are.

I think Tracey, being a twin herself, has been an amazing influence on the girls developing their own sense of self. We’ve never really dressed them alike, or have been all double mint gum-matchy, which has allowed them to develop their own sense of style and opinions on what they like. Hudson tends to be more particular about what she wears, not only in dresses, but also in the colors she likes. Elle will wear most anything and also has 20 “Favorite colors.”

So, while they are very unique children, it’s also interesting to see how much their personalities resemble mine and Tracey’s. When we have them by ourselves, Tracey always seems to have the hardest time with Hudson and I always seem to have the hardest time with Elle. I’ve come to the conclusion that it has to do with who each of them more closely resembles. Hudson is a ball of energy and always going, which is a lot like me. She doesn’t stop. Elle on the other hand is more about the attitude. She can be super sweet, but also turn that attitude on in an instant. They definitely keep you on your toes at all times, and like I said before, they’ll probably change the next day and be totally the opposite. It’s all a part of developing their own personalities I guess.

The beauty of being a parent though is being able to love them both equally, because if you asked me to pick a favorite, I never could. It might be a joke with us and many other siblings, but I’m sure most parents, like mine, will agree that it’s impossible. Except for when my brother is late.


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