Oh the attitude

Somebody isn't happy
Porter-who wants to see me do a super flip?
Who wants to see me do a super flip?
Who wants to see me do a…
E-NOBODY wants to see that.

To say that my girls have strong personalities would be an understatement. They tend to take over most situations they’re in, but at the same time, they are super friendly and every kid or adult they come across is their new best friend. They met some little girl at Ikea, while playing in the kids area and she instantly became a part of their inner circle. All the kids in the neighborhood they either want to play with every day or have sleep overs at their house (self-invited). They always want to go visit my friends’ parents, because they are “like my best friends.” They’re nice to almost everyone they come across, which I love to see, but sometimes the sweet little girls, can flash some serious spunkiness.

The other day I was witness to one such event. They were playing with Porter, a friend and neighbor who’s a couple years older, the other day at his house. I walked down the hill to see if they were being good and tried chatting with Nicole (Porter’s Mom), but was constantly interrupted by the kids trying to show off on the trampoline. Porter wanted everyone to watch him do his super flip, but I guess Elle wasn’t impressed. Her response to him almost had Nicole rolling on the ground and left me shaking my head in both amazement and awe of her quick-witted attitude. Her comedic timing, while unintentional, was perfect. Porter didn’t think anything of it, and continued to showcase his super flip, but the comedy wasn’t lost on the adults.

I think I’ve said it before, but Elle has a serious amount of attitude for a 4-year old. I mean this kid is like a wily veteran when it comes to distributing the tude. Generally it depends on the mood she’s in and the mood we’re in as parents about how we deal with this, but after witnessing her little bit with Porter, I have no doubt that this child is in line to become a very sarcastic little lady. At the same time, I know this means we’re going to have our hands full with this one as parents. As my mom can surely attest, sarcasm and attitude aren’t always appreciated in certain instances. For now, I’ll just enjoy this one.


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