I wanna be a Dr.

Preschool year 1

On the heels of just paying off Tracey’s college loan this past month, I was greeted with a new shocking reality last week, when one of the girls said, “I wanna be a doctor when I grow up.” As a parent, you always want your children to become something special. To do something special. To be an astronaut or a doctor who saves people’s lives. So to hear this was more than refreshing. It was a change from the “I want to be a princess,” that we normally get from them. It shows drive. It shows initiative. And most importantly it show’s hope of daddy having a vacation home on an island somewhere.

The shocking part of this statement to me, was sadly  about how much it will cost for her to become a doctor. Like I said, we’d just paid off Tracey’s school loan, which by most standards wasn’t that much, but it took a long time to clear the debt. And we work in advertising. If this child wants to go to college to become a doctor, the cost exponentially increases. To our credit, we’ve started college funds for the girls in hopes of not incurring as much debt as we did after 4 years of college. But, to become a doctor, now that’s a whole new ballgame. And how sad is it, that my first thought wasn’t “I’m so pumped you want to be a doctor,” it was “holy hell, that’s going to cost a fortune?”

I know we’re a long, long way off from them making any decisions about college or what they want to be, but as a parent, you always have to be planning for their future. I wanted to be an engineer when I started college, but those dreams were quickly dashed by my grades in chemistry. I went on to find something I loved, and it worked out well, but it takes some time to figure those things out. I’m sure my parents were none-to-pleased to hear their son was giving up on a lucrative career as an engineer for the same sector that their elder son had chosen. One that wasn’t as financially rewarding. I do know for a fact that they’re happy for me, because I’m doing something I love. And at the end of the day, no matter what the cost, I want my girls to be happy with whatever they choose to do. Hopefully that choice includes something that will get dear old dad a nice place on a beach somewhere. Fingers crossed.


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