“I don’t like you face”

¬† H-Daddy! You shave you face! Me-Yeah Huds. Elle, what do you think? E-I don’t like you face. Get it back. ¬†Since I’ve been alive I’ve never seen my dad with a clean-shaved face. Besides pictures of him as a kid, my only interactions with my dad have involved him having some sort of facial […]

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A glimpse into the future?

Last week we were greeted with the perfectly timed summer illness that struck both of the girls pretty hard. It hit Hudson first, over night which meant I would stay home from work with her for a day. When Tracey brought Elle home, she too was running a fever and was about to be out […]

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The glass is half full.

H-when I’m gonna get my cast off? Me-a few weeks E-I don’t like your arm broken. H-it’s not broken…it’s healing. Me-Wow…that’s deep. You can never underestimate the optimism of child. They’ve yet to experience many of the things in life that tend to make most of us guarded, jaded or less than optimistic. Even though […]

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Rekindling old friendships.

H-I love my Raine-y E-I love my Jaeger and my Raine. Me-Well, just give them hugs when you see them and tell them. H&E– We WILL! Do you have those friends that you don’t get to see all that often, but no matter how long it’s been between seeing or talking to each other, it […]

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Pretty Pink Cast

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: My daughters are amazing patients. Now it’s not something I’m pumped that they have to display as often as they have, but watching them handle doctors, PA’s, nurses and anyone else in the office makes me so proud. Hudson went in to get her cast the […]

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First Reds Game

H-When are they gonna hit a home run? I wanna see firewoks? (repeat x10) E– When are they gonna sing Take Me Out To The Ballgame? (repeat x8) Me– I don’t know. (repeat x100) So for about a month now I’ve been promising the girls that I’d take them to a Reds game, but in […]

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