Daddy’s (Injury) Girl.

Chip of the ole block

In their brief time on this earth, our girls have found a way to be in the hospital more times that either of us would have imagined when we became parents. I guess when they start their life off in the hospital for 5 weeks after they were born, we should have seen it as a sign and not as us cashing in all of our hospital visits in that span. Between them there’s been: a febrile seizure, spine surgery, CAT scans, herniated bellybutton repair, heart murmur, bumps, bruises, cuts and now a broken arm. They’re like a chip off the ole block, and not in a good way.

I’ve experienced my fair share of injuries over my lifetime, and if I count them up, I think they’re getting pretty close to my record. Let’s see, there’s getting knocked out at least 4 times, stitches multiple times, broken collar bone, broken wrist x2, torn ACL x2, dislocated elbow and a few more I’ve probably forgotten from being knocked out so many times. It’s a record I never hoped they could compete with, but only 4 years in, they look poised to take my prize away in no time. But I seriously hope not.

The most recent trip to the ER came from our little Huddy Buddy falling off of Mammaw’s golf cart when she tried to lean back on a seat that wasn’t there. A semi-frantic phone call from my mom later and we were all in the emergency room, getting x-rays on an arm that just didn’t look right. Throughout it all she was so calm, so sweet and so good with the nurses and doctors. One thing I’ve always been proud of with the girls is how amazing they are as patients. Although it’s never in a circumstance you want to be in, it’s always nice to hear people in the hall talking about how sweet and cute your daughter is. Elle is exactly the same way. Always so sweet and so good with the doctors and nurses when they are checking, poking and prodding on her. They’re definitely better patients than I could hope to be.

So, after the results came back in, we saw and x-ray that looked like this:

something is wrong in this picture

The result of her fall is a fractured forearm (ulna) and 6 weeks in a cast. It’s obviously a painful injury, but so far, like the rest of the time, she’s been really good about it all. She’s kind of nursing me to carry her everywhere, but how could you say no to that cute little face? It’s also not exactly the best way to start off pool season, but accidents happen. And if anyone should know that by now it’s us, cause accidents seem to happen a lot in the Dye household.

Temp cast going on

Sleeping that night was less than enjoyable and not something someone would exactly call sleep, since she was up every hour or so. She complained all morning of it hurting which is understandable, knowing how bad broken bones can hurt. It was even more understandable when we took her to Children’s to get a cast and the doctors all held a conference outside of our room to discuss the rarity of her injury. When they (5 people) entered our room, they not only explained the rarity of her condition, but also the extent of her injury. Something we’d noticed the night before was the lump on the inside of her forearm which was swelling. Since nobody mentioned anything of it, we assumed it was just a result of the break. What the doctors at Children’s informed us is that her ulna was broken and would have to be reset, but on top of that, her radius was dislocated. This apparently creates the rarity of her injury. So we’re headed back to the hospital to not only have her arm relocated, but to have the bone shifted back into place. None of this sounds like fun, but thankfully she’ll be knocked out and none the wiser.

I guess this puts her close in the “knocked out” area of our competition and might just top the cake when it comes to amazing injuries. Hopefully she can avoid pins being inserted and we can begin the wait for the bright pink, waterproof cast. My goodness, my girls are special. Even the way they get hurt is special.


3 thoughts on “Daddy’s (Injury) Girl.

  1. Wow, it must be something in this area. I remember a few kicks to the you know where and a baseball to the face, but my personally favorite was being chased by thousands of hornets. Oh the memories of childhood. The girls will just have great stories to tell their kids some day. Prayers to all of you for a speedy recovery.

  2. You forgot urology, optimology, radiology, cardiology, neurosurgery, dermatology and mono, Roseola, some funky bump virus in throat…..

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