Cause…I’m smart.

She looks smarter with glasses, right?
E-Hudson you know how you get your whistle? You gotta be smart…and lucky.
H-I am smart and lucky. I just can’t whistle.

Recently the girls have been feeding me with some of their intriguing opinions on things like, “that dog isn’t as fast as Napa,” or “Memowial Day is a day for planting flowers.” When I question where they got this information or how they know something, their answer, especially from Hudson has been a great one…”because…I’m smart.”

How awesome is that? It’s one part creativity and one part confidence that I can’t help but be proud of. Usually when they say it, I’m not expecting their response and I automatically concede the point and let them have it. It worries me that if they can stump me when they’re 4, what’s it going to be like when they’re 14?

Either way, I like the confidence they show when they tell me they know something cause their smart. Tracey and I have always told them that the most important thing they can be is “Smart and Nice.”  They always told us they want to be beautiful princesses. Our goal, was to let them know it was ok to want that, but it’s more important to be smart and nice. So far, it looks like their really taking the smart thing to heart.


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