First Reds Game

H-When are they gonna hit a home run? I wanna see firewoks? (repeat x10)
E– When are they gonna sing Take Me Out To The Ballgame? (repeat x8)
Me– I don’t know. (repeat x100)

So for about a month now I’ve been promising the girls that I’d take them to a Reds game, but in order to delay this possible event, I set some very specific parameters: 1. has to be on a weekend. 2: has to be a day game. 3: the weather has to be nice and not raining. Well, yesterday just so happened to fit the perfect trifecta of all those criteria.

We went to church at 11am and at some point in the service it hit me that I really should take them. Maybe it was God speaking to me (or punishing me), but even though it was going to be a scorcher, I wasn’t sure when we’d get another chance with all the busy summer weekends coming up and all the pools opening up. We had to go. So in order to get them out of church (which is tough because they talk to anything with a heartbeat) I told them we were going to the Reds game so we’d better hurry up and get home and changed into game clothes. This immediately prompted them to sprint through the lobby screaming and telling everyone they passed where they were going.

We made it home in time to get changed into shorts and jimmers and proceeded to walk across the ” pretty blue bridge” over to the stadium. While it was a bit hot and they complained a little, they were so pumped to go to the game that I think they could have walked from Louisville. As we were approaching the stadium we all nearly jumped out of our pants when the fireworks went off on a Drew Stubbs, first inning homer. My thought was, “lord I hope they hit more homers or they’re going to be disappointed we missed the only fireworks.”

We finally made our way inside to our bleacher seats, purchased from a stranger on the sidewalk and immediately were greeted by the girl handing out Reds pillow cases. How sweet is this place? Baseball and free stuff! Well I’m sure that’s what they were thinking. I on the other hand knew what was in store with the concession stand. We walked by the souvenir stand and they had to get hats, so I got them some Way-too-big-for-their-little-heads children’s hats. After taking out a home equity loan on the house in order to buy some hot dogs, water and lemon freezes, we finally made it to our seats in the left field bleachers. The girls dug into their lemon ices and never really looked up for the next inning or so.

First Reds Game!

They seemed to only take breaks in order to ask me when we were going to see fireworks from a home run and when they were going to sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame. They of course socialized with everyone sitting around us, bummed peanuts off some nice lady from behind us and charmed everyone they talked to. They were overall really good, but events like that can be stressful even when it’s not 90 degrees, so after 2 1/2 hours and almost 5 innings of baseball, it was time to head back. They were reluctant to leave because they hadn’t seen fireworks, sang or got cotton candy from that strange guy that kept walking around with it. After promising them cotton candy to them next time and probably more stuff (i don’t know, i was feeling a heat stroke coming on) we made our way out of the park. Walked back across the blue bridge and headed for the couch with their new pillow cases.

Overall it was a great day and likely one they’ll forget when they’re older. I mean I don’t remember much from being 4, but I do know for a fact that I’ll personally always remember the first Reds game I took my girls to. And if I happen to forget, I’ll have those big hats and pillow cases around for a while to remind me about our wonderful day.

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