Pretty Pink Cast

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: My daughters are amazing patients. Now it’s not something I’m pumped that they have to display as often as they have, but watching them handle doctors, PA’s, nurses and anyone else in the office makes me so proud. Hudson went in to get her cast the other day and started off a little timid, but eventually warmed up. By the end of the visit she had everyone there eating out of the palm of her newly casted hand.

Her hesitation and shyness worried me at first because I knew that getting a real cast on wasn’t going to be fun for her. The relative freedom she had for the past week in her temporary cast was about to be replaced by a very uncomfortable, very heavy chunk of fiberglass that was going to wear her for the next five weeks. Going into the visit I was also a little concerned that when they took the x-rays, they were going to come back with bad results that meant she’d have to get pins inserted into the bone. Luckily, all was good and she was moved to the next room to begin the process of getting casted.

As they held her arm and started wrapping the gortex around it, she started getting chatty. Dr. Wall, who is incredible with kids seemed to set her at ease. As Dr. Hall (rhyming words according Huds) kept wrapping and wrapping and wrapping, Hudson gave them a very keen observation: “wow, you’re really doing a lot of work.” She was right. They were doing a lot of work to get that cast on. They had to position her wrist and arm so that her palm is always pointing up, in order to make sure the bones say straight, which I know is going to bother her over time. She got a little upset cause it was hot as it dried, but overall she handled it pretty well. And thank the lord it’s waterproof.

I dropped her off at school and she was so excited to show all of her friends her pretty new pink cast. By the time I picked her up from school, it was covered in signatures and she was so proud. She is as proud of that cast as I am of her for how well she’s handled all of this. Couldn’t have asked for her to deal with it all any better. Of course I’ll get back to you in a couple of weeks when she’s itching and hating it. But for now, it’s all good. And very pink.

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