Taking ‘Summer Break’ a little too seriously.

Siblings in Arms

Yes, I realize that most of my posts lately have been about Hudson’s injury. No I’m not obsessed with it, but I couldn’t help but think it was noteworthy that she’s not alone in her summertime misfortune. I’ve been wondering lately, “why do kids always seem to break their arm at the beginning of summer?” and I have no answer. They still do dangerous stuff in the winter. They still run around like crazy people, up and down the steps, jumping on beds and yet it seems like you only see the casts come out when summertime rolls around and the pools are starting to open. It might just be a mystery I’ll never know the answer to.

Last night we were playing in the front yard, when the twins from across the street (Rhett and Kate) stepped outside to play. The second any of them see each other they automatically yell each other’s names and then turn to us to see if they can go to their house. I saw that they were making their way down to our house, so I turned to pick up a few things. When I turned around, Elle and Kate were standing next to me laughing and pointing back at Hudson and Rhett. They were walking next to each other down the sidewalk and both sporting huge, full-arm casts on their right arms. Brad, the twins dad, and I exchanged injury stories of our unlucky kids’ summer breaks as the kids ran around the yard.

Rhett it seems, had a little too much fun in one of those bouncy houses and was catapulted out of it and onto the ground, where he fractured his elbow. While not quite as gruesome as Hudson’s break & dislocation, he’s also stuck in a giant cast for the beginning of the summer. Luckily for him, it’s only projected to be a 3-4 week process instead of 6. Either way, it’s pretty miserable for both of them to be stuck in casts, but at least their waterproof so they can get in the pool, bathtub or have a water fight without having to worry about it. It was funny to watch them run around with these bulky arm pieces (brightly colored) with a little bit of awkwardness, but at least they’re able to enjoy summer time a little bit more with the brilliant invention of the gortex cast.

So, while I feel bad for both of them, I guess they can find a little comfort in knowing they’re not alone with their huge, bright, waterproof casts. It seems as if they have a brother/sister in arms when it comes to broken bones. Here’s to hoping the next few weeks goes by quickly for both of them.

Which ones are really twin siblings?

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