The glass is half full.

She's as smart as she looks
H-when I’m gonna get my cast off?
Me-a few weeks
E-I don’t like your arm broken.
H-it’s not broken…it’s healing.
Me-Wow…that’s deep.

You can never underestimate the optimism of child. They’ve yet to experience many of the things in life that tend to make most of us guarded, jaded or less than optimistic. Even though they’ve been through a lot in their lives, it’s always amazingly refreshing to experience the bright outlook that my kids have on everything. They know they’re not supposed to talk to strangers, yet they say hello to everyone. And if that person says hello back, they’re no longer a stranger. Right? They managed to find the technicality in the rule and exploit it. They can’t help being naturally outgoing and friendly, it’s just who they are. So to make them understand why they can’t talk to strangers you have to tell them that some people are not nice and will try to take you away from mommy and daddy. They know this. They understand what we’re saying. They just don’t quite put together the idea that people can be bad. It’s an inspiring outlook on life. Being able to see the good in everyone.

I could spend a lot of time telling them not to say, “Hi” to every person we pass in the grocery store, but I’d rather be entertained by the looks people give them and the smiles I get from my incredibly social children. Yes, I will reinforce that when mommy and daddy aren’t around that they can’t talk to everyone they see, but while I’m around I really enjoy how social they are. There’s a time and a place for every lesson I guess.

The thing that Hudson’s comment said to me the other night is that my kids are filled with joy, optimism and light. They make me angry almost every day, sure, but they also make me smile a whole lot more than anything else. It’s their “Glass is half-full” attitudes that keep me, and any other person they happen across, smiling. It also inspires me to try to be a little less “Glass half-empty” about life and work, and for that I’m truly appreciative of them. So while she might have just not wanted Elle to say that she’s “broken,” Hudson’s statement really struck a chord with me the other night. Things aren’t necessarily broken, maybe they’re just healing. Love it.


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