A glimpse into the future?

Kasey and Elle

Last week we were greeted with the perfectly timed summer illness that struck both of the girls pretty hard. It hit Hudson first, over night which meant I would stay home from work with her for a day. When Tracey brought Elle home, she too was running a fever and was about to be out for the count. Tracey stayed home with them the next day, managing really high fevers and a rash that started to spread all over their body. Since neither of us could afford to take the rest of the week off, we turned to our #1 go-to team of babysitters (especially in the summer when they dont’ have school) Jessi and Kasey. My beautiful, sweet and wonderful 16 year-old twin cousins showed up Thursday ready for work, and by work I mean managing two very needy 4 year-olds who are battling what we assumed was some passing virus. After a trip to the doctor, we found out that they were actually battling Strep Throat and Scarlett Fever. Good times.

Side note: Hudson and Elle absolutely love their cousins. If they could go over to their house every day I think they would, and not just because they have horses, but because they love them. So they were clearly the favorite babysitter choice in this case.

While the strep throat incident did dominate our week last week, the thing that I really wanted to write about was having these two wonderful cousins who give me a glimpse into what my future as a father of two beautiful twin girls is going to be like. The outlook, by the way, is pretty scary. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. I mean it more in a “I’m going to have to buy a gun when boys start coming around” way. Every father thinks that way about their little girls, but I have this very unique opportunity to see what it’s going to be like in 12 years when my girls are turning 16, getting their drivers permits, wanting all the latest technology to keep up with their ever-increasing social lives and start to become boy crazy.

Jessi and Elle on their sweet rides

I always ask my Aunt Jen what it’s like having her girls grow up and she is never quite as reassuring as I’d like, but she’s honest with me. “It’s scary.” I try not to be the overprotective cousin with them, but it’s hard not to be. I was at the hospital when they were born and they are like my little babies, before I had babies of my own. They are truly wonderful girls and are absolutely great with Hudson and Elle. It would be easy for teenagers to be “too cool” to hang out with a couple of little 4 year-olds, but Jessi and Kasey always take them to do whatever they want, whether it’s riding horses, running around the yard or to spend the night at their house on a friday night. There aren’t many teenagers that I know of that would want to spend one of their weekend nights like that, but they do. And for that, I love them even more.

Having the girls around does give me a glimpse into my future, but it’s also pretty inspiring to see what wonderful young women they’re becoming. It’s hard for my family not to compare the twins to each other, because there are so many similarities between them, but I can only hope that my girls grow up to be just as sweet, caring and loving as Jessi and Kasey are. If they are, I’ll be one proud parent for sure.


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