Alice stole my muchness.

H-I can’t jump in the pool cause my friend Alice, that I work with, stole my muchness. Me-Aw, that’s so sad. Do you think she’ll give it back if Kasey calls her and asks for it? H-I think so. Thanks. Following the “phone call” that Kasey made to Hudson’s friend Alice to get her “braveness” […]

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What in the…?

When I was a kid I never understood why my mom would get mad at me for saying things like Heck, Freakin, Crap, etc. I mean I wasn’t really saying the words was I? I was saying a relatively close alternative that started with the same letter, but it wasn’t actually the real word. Nothing […]

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Mind your table manners.

H- At Nana and Pops house Uncle Chris has to watch tv in the window. Me- He what? H- He haff to watch tv in the window cause he a bad boy. Me- Oh…cause he wouldn’t eat…Nana and Pops made him face away from the tv cause he wouldn’t eat. H- yep. he was a […]

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Nature vs. Nurture

Some things the girls are just born with and some things they’ve picked up from us as parents, family and friends. Their beautiful blue eyes, stunning looks, incredible personal drive, toughness and being twins, they got from their mommy. Being outgoing, friendly (almost to a fault), excitable, accident-prone and energetic, I’d like to think they […]

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I had an Atari 2600.

Judging by my girls’ ability to swiftly navigate an iPad, iPod touch and iPhone at only 4 years old, it’s easy to say that this generation of kids has it a little differently than when I grew up. At their age, my kids are more tech savvy than my father. Now that’s not a slam […]

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Everybody in the Pool!

It’s hard to believe, but last weekend was our first trip to the pool all summer for the girls. With the never-ending rain from the spring, our regular pools (Mammaw’s and Aunt Selma’s) were slow to open because they couldn’t get them cleared up. Plus, the rain makes a day at the pool kind of […]

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