Who’s birthday is it?

Aunt Vic, Baby Zoe and the Girls
Me-Say happy birthday America!
H– Happy Birthday America! … Who’s America?
Me-It’s our country.
H-Like Kentucky?
Me– A little bigger. Just say happy birthday and enjoy the day off school.
H– OK.

This was a pretty big birthday weekend, not only for out country, but for my nephew Read. He turned six on Thursday and our family celebrated with a big combo party on Sunday afternoon. The kids all had a blast thanks to Shane and Brenna’s huge, blow-up water playhouse and the Read’s great fireworks display. Thrown in-between was some really good food and Mr. James Read Dye raking in some serious transformers and water toys.  Everyone seemed to have a great time, which I know I did and the girls talked about it all the next day.

There were two things that struck me as funny that day. One, was that the girls couldn’t quite grasp the idea of our country having a birthday and seemed to insist that it was really Read’s birthday and not America’s. This one wasn’t that big of a deal and something I’m guessing they’ll get to later in school. I’d rather them celebrate Read’s party anyways.

The other thing that stood out to me was on the way home, Hudson asked, “Why didn’t we get presents?” I automatically answered, “It’s Read’s birthday, not yours. It’s his day to get presents.” She kind of let it go, mostly cause she was about ready to pass out from the day’s wearing events, but it did stick with me. Kids expect to get presents when they go to someone’s birthday party. Even if that birthday party isn’t their own. Now that’s just messed up.

Who started this awful trend? It has to be some, weak-hearted, yuppy B-S parenting move that someone concocted when their kid cried cause they didn’t get anything at a birthday party. It’s somewhere along the lines of every kid getting a trophy when they play sports or no kids getting held back in school for getting failing grades. I know this sounds like a little rant, but it kind of is. When did this trend start? I never got gifts when I went to friend’s birthday parties? Isn’t the party supposed to be about the kid who’s actual birthday it is?

The worst part is that it automatically increases the cost of throwing a party for your kids. I fear the day my kids have a birthday party for their school friends and I’m somehow expected to buy gifts for 20 little rugrats. Or…does this trend end when they get to a certain age? Either way I think it’s total bull and something that needs to be stopped immediately.

Ok. Rant over. The weekend was awesome and I hope Read had as good of a time at his/America’s birthday party as we all did. I think my girls will remember his birthday party more for the giant inflatable water slide than they ever would getting a bag full of little toys. Thanks Chris and Dani for bucking the trend.

Now this…was a party…


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