Everybody in the Pool!

Elle finally gets in

It’s hard to believe, but last weekend was our first trip to the pool all summer for the girls. With the never-ending rain from the spring, our regular pools (Mammaw’s and Aunt Selma’s) were slow to open because they couldn’t get them cleared up. Plus, the rain makes a day at the pool kind of not fun. Another roadblock was Hudson’s unfortunate break, which caused us to miss a few weekends waiting for her waterproof cast. But, once they both got up and running, and Hudson is fully waterproof,  we were pumped and ready to go.

Seb and Katie joined us for our inaugural trip and were amazed at how pumped they were to get there, but how reluctant they were to actually get in. I knew once they got comfortable with it, that they’d be fine, but it still doesn’t keep their shrills and whining from being annoying as you try to coax them in the water. And just to keep me grounded, my mom informed us all that it was the same with getting me in the pool for the first time every year, so I guess I know where the girls get that from.

Once Aunt Selma got in and gave them some tough love, they started to get a little further down the steps and eventually they were swimming around, yelling, “Look at me Dad! I’m swimming!” From there, they took it a step further and started jumping off the step and going completely under water. The funny thing about that was they spent the last month telling me how they want to go swimming, but there’s no way they’re going under water. “It’s too scawy and I don’t like my face to get wet.”

I know lots of kids go swimming and that the girls have been swimming before, but it was fun to see them, like all little kids, playing in the pool until their lips started getting blue and their chins started shivering. Their fears of the pool and even more importantly, their fear of getting their face wet were gone. Shrills and screams were replaced by shrills and screams of Joy. Can’t wait to get back to the pool and hopefully next time, they’ll jump right in.

Huds warming up...in style



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