Mind your table manners.

Elle with "Chapsticks"
H- At Nana and Pops house Uncle Chris has to watch tv in the window.
Me- He what?
H- He haff to watch tv in the window cause he a bad boy.
Me- Oh…cause he wouldn’t eat…Nana and Pops made him face away from the tv cause he wouldn’t eat.
H- yep. he was a bad boy.

When we were growing up there were definitely some rules when it came to the dinner table. 1: You don’t get up from your seat until your plate is clean. 2: You have to at least try something before you “hate” it. 3: No elbows on the table. 4: No playing with your food. And 5: No TV if it keeps you from eating. All in no particular order.

Obviously my brother had problems with rule #5, hence his seat facing away from the table and being forced to watch TV through the reflection on the window. Until my folks drew the blinds that is. (In an unrelated note, his son Read is exactly the same. If you step in front of him while he’s watching TV, his head automatically shifts to watch the reflection off the window. Must be hereditary. Ok, back to the story.)

In our never-ending quest to raise two polite, proper ladies, we’ve had to put a little more emphasis on table manners with the girls. It hasn’t been easy to say the least. We might have been a little laxed in our “dinner rules” in the past and it’s kind of coming back to get us. The girls try to get up from the table all of the time, play with their food, don’t always eat with their utinsils, etcetera, etcetera. Well, now’s the time to make it stop.

Tracey has recently employed the “princess method,” which utilizes the idea of being a fancy girl like princess kate . After watching the royal wedding (multiple times on dvr) the girls are pretty infatuated with the idea of a real-life princess so I think it’s kind of working. That, and Tracey uses a British accent and and uses phrases like “…so he properly…” which the girls think is hilarious. If they can eat like a proper princess, then we’ll be some pretty proud parents. But we’ll settle for getting them to eat with their utensils when they should and to not get up from the table without asking. Baby steps right?

Hopefully in this quest, we’ll have two girls that know how to sit and eat at a dinner table without causing a scene or getting in trouble. As long as there’s no TV in the kitchen, we should be able to avoid having to cover rule #5 like my parents did with my brother.

Huds with Chopsticks
Huds with Chopsticks

2 thoughts on “Mind your table manners.

  1. Amelia tries to eat dinner with her bare feet propped up on the dinner table and thinks it’s hilarious to lay down on top of the coffee table and take naps. That’s not very fancy nancy of her.

    1. well she has plenty of time to turn it around. She’s still “baby milla” in my book so she’s gets a free pass. It’s always more difficult when they’re so cute and she’s definitely that.

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