Alice stole my muchness.

Too cool for school
H-I can’t jump in the pool cause my friend Alice, that I work with, stole my muchness.
Me-Aw, that’s so sad. Do you think she’ll give it back if Kasey calls her and asks for it?
H-I think so. Thanks.

Following the “phone call” that Kasey made to Hudson’s friend Alice to get her “braveness” back, Hudson was jumping into the pool and going under water for the rest of the night by herself. I was so proud of her. I was also proud of Elle, but she didn’t need as much coaxing to get jump in that night. They both swam around the pool, looking really comfortable swimming, and even spending some time floating on their backs and spinning in circles. The sad part about this quote is that I actually missed it the first time. She said it kind of quietly and trailed off at the end, so at the time I thought she said “Braveness.” For the rest of the night we kept telling her how happy we were that her friend Alice (that she said she works with) was so nice for returning her braveness so that she could jump into the pool on her own.

What she really said was that her friend Alice had borrowed her “Muchness,” and that’s why she wasn’t brave enough to jump in on her own. Slight difference for sure, but this is the part that gets me…Hudson was quoting a term from Tim Burton’s, Alice in Wonderland. And I freaking missed it. I mean, I spent the majority of my childhood, and really most of my adult life, quoting obscure phrases from movies and I missed the first really good one Hudson dropped on me. If I had a dollar for every time my mom said “If you could only remember your school work the way you remember stupid movie quotes,” my brother and I would have like $43. And here’s my little Hudson, using a quote from a movie that is a bit obscure and it totally got by me. I’m so ashamed.

Tracey and I have observed over the last couple of years, as their personalities develop, that Hudson is definitely more like me, which makes me proud. She’s emotional. She’s outgoing. She’s got a bit of a temper, and now we can add “has the ability to use movie quotes in everyday life,” to the list. Her attention to detail in the movie, to know what they were talking about when the Hatter said Alice had lost her Muchness is a bit surprising.
Her sense of imagination is impressive in that she made up a friend that she works with, who stole her muchness, and that was the reason why she wasn’t feeling brave. The fact that she recalled a movie quote and put it into that context was absolutely brilliant. Let’s just hope she’s able to retain her school work a little better than I was. If not, I know a phrase I’ll be using with her all the time.


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