Just like riding a bike.

H-Hey daddy, look at me…I can turn (crash! followed by crying) E-Uh oh, Hudson fell down again. Me- It’s ok Huds…you just have to worry about peddling, not turning yet. H-(still crying) Ok, turning hurts. You know, there’s a reason the phrase “it’s just like riding a bike” makes sense to someone who’s ridden a […]

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Clean Plate Club!

E- Daddy, I’m hungwy. Me- You just had a huge plate of pesto, a piece of bread, a banana, kiwi and something else…seriously? E- Yeah I’m still hungwy. Me- Jeez bottomless pit. E-I’m not bottomless. I’m just hungwy. Eating, has never been something we’ve had to worry about with these two. While they might be […]

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First day of school…next year.

E- Dad, when am I gonna be 5 already? Me- Um, this time next year. Why? E- Cause I’m ready for school. Me- How about you don’t wish away your childhood and enjoy preschool? E- Fine! Whatever! All the posts on Facebook this week about people’s kids going back to school, or going to school […]

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17 years from now…

  H-I love my Lucy and my Read. And my Jessi and my Kasey. And my Amelia. E-I love all of them too. And all my other cousins…what’s they name? Me-There’s too many to remember them all. E-Yeah…but I still love them.   Some of the things the girls say or do now give me […]

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Getting Inked

Me-You don’t really want a tattoo do you? E-Not a real one. Just pretend. Like my butterfly and my flower. And like markers. Those are funny. Like Uncle Aaron. Me-Cool, pretend ones I can live with. For some reason lately, the girls have been obsessed with tattoos. It started with Grandma’s visit back in June […]

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