Getting Inked

Tattoos just like Uncle Aaron
Me-You don’t really want a tattoo do you?
E-Not a real one. Just pretend. Like my butterfly and my flower. And like markers. Those are funny. Like Uncle Aaron.
Me-Cool, pretend ones I can live with.

For some reason lately, the girls have been obsessed with tattoos. It started with Grandma’s visit back in June when she hooked them up with some “temporary tattoos” that seemed to stick around for a month or two. Every time I’d mention trying to get them off, they’d get mad and say “don’t touch my tattoos.” One day when mommy was upstairs cleaning, they got into the markers and decided to give themselves some tattoos of their own that were very reminiscent of Uncle Aaron’s sleeve tattoo. They talk about mommy having one and how they want them. I try to scare them off of the idea by telling them that it hurts really bad when you get a real one cause they have to cut your skin with little needles. It’s pretty much the same reason I’ve never gotten one myself. I don’t dig on needles and I don’t really care for pain all that much either. It seems to be working a little bit, because they only like them as “pretend,” which is ok with me.

They still don’t have their ears pierced, which I’m assuming will be the next step before getting their sleeves put on. Piercings I can handle, because ultimately you can take them out and they close up. But a tattoo…that’s a bit more permanent. And what if they choose something stupid like a cartoon character or get something trashy like a dolphin jumping over a rainbow on their lower back? There could end up being a serious amount of regret that goes into something like that, and as a parent, all I can do is say “I told you not to get that Road Runner tattoo.”

At some point, I’m sure they’ll come home from college and be sporting their new ink job, and I’m sure I’ll freak out about it like most parents do. For now, I understand that they’re 4 and they are just imitating some of the things that they see, but the whole tattoo obsession kind of scares me. Hopefully it’s just a phase and at least they’re not boy crazy yet. I think that scares me even more than the dolphin jumping over the rainbow. If you’ll excuse me, the boy crazy thing reminds me that there’s a 5-day waiting period that I’ll have to get a jumpstart on.


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