17 years from now…


H-I love my Lucy and my Read. And my Jessi and my Kasey. And my Amelia.
E-I love all of them too. And all my other cousins…what’s they name?
Me-There’s too many to remember them all.
E-Yeah…but I still love them.


Some of the things the girls say or do now give me a glimpse into the future of how they’re going to be when they turn 16, 18 or even worse… 21. This video is one of the purest, scariest glimpses into the future that I’ve experienced yet.

It’s always been really important to me that the girls grow up being close to their cousins, I think because I grew up with all of mine and it was a blast. While we’ve all grown up, had families and don’t see each other as often as we should, it’s still something I greatly appreciate about my childhood. Not that the girls have ever met any kid they didn’t like, but they especially love their cousins Read, Lucy, Amelia and even New Baby Ireland that’s on the way. So any chance we get to spend time with them is pretty precious to me.

With the girls likely to attend the same school as Read and Lucy, I see them all becoming really close as they grow up. Read might be smart enough to stay away from them, but the girls I see becoming a pretty terrifying threesome. It often leads Dani and I to ask, “what are they going to be like when they’re 18?…or 21?” I think the short answer will look much like the video above, but with grown up crazy girls. This is the frightening part. These girls are crazy and I can’t see it getting any better for us in the future. But, at least they’ll be having fun, and it will be with their cousins. And all the hundreds of other ‘best friends’ they meet along the way.



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