First day of school…next year.

They're not babies anymore
E- Dad, when am I gonna be 5 already?
Me- Um, this time next year. Why?
E- Cause I’m ready for school.
Me- How about you don’t wish away your childhood and enjoy preschool?
E- Fine! Whatever!

All the posts on Facebook this week about people’s kids going back to school, or going to school for the first time got me to thinking about the girls heading off to Kindergarten next year. Are they really, technically going to be heading off to school, since they’ve been in daycare every day for the last 4 years already? They started preschool last year, will it be a big deal to see them ride off on the bus for the first time? Will I get misty eyed? Seeing photos of my nephew Read’s first day waiting for the bus did get my tear ducts activated a little bit, I’ll have to admit.

Honestly, I didn’t even get that upset when we dropped off our three month old babies at daycare for the first time. It was somewhat of a welcome relief from the 24-hour double teaming of two babies at one time. It’s only been tough a handful of times when they didn’t want me to leave them at school and hung on to me crying and begging me to stay and play with them. Those instances saw me struggling to get out the door, and coincidentally there must have been some dust flying in the air, cause my eyes were heavily watering. Yeah, that’s it, dust in my eyes.

Judging by Elle’s excitement to turn 5 and their combined excitement to meet new friends, go to school with cousin Read, and meet their new teachers, it looks like they won’t be holding onto my pants leg when that school bus pulls up for the first time. The way these two get excited, they might even forget to look back and wave to us, because they’ll be too busy introducing themselves to every single person on the bus. Asking their names, who their parents are and how old they are. But, at least I do have a whole year to wait on my answer to this one. Let’s just hope that it’s not real dusty that day. My eyes are very sensitive. To dust. Yeah dust.


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