Clean Plate Club!

E- Daddy, I’m hungwy.
Me- You just had a huge plate of pesto, a piece of bread, a banana, kiwi and something else…seriously?
E- Yeah I’m still hungwy.
Me- Jeez bottomless pit.
E-I’m not bottomless. I’m just hungwy.

Eating, has never been something we’ve had to worry about with these two. While they might be small and skinny, they eat more than your average adult (well maybe a dieting adult). When they were babies they almost always finished their formula. When they moved up to cereal it was like we’d introduced them to bacon. They’d eat that stuff up and be wanting more. As we moved into solids they would eat almost anything you put in front of them. By the time they were eating regular meals, I’d often be asking myself “how much did they eat so far?” They could put away some serious food, then they’d turn their attention to our plates looking for leftovers or scraps.

They would go through phases where they only wanted a few things and that’s when we implemented “The Clean Plate Club,” where finishing their meal would result in a treat of some sort. Although it worked, it was a bit of a bad thing to make them believe they got a treat for doing something they should do anyways. We’ve since cut that off, but they still get excited when they clean their plate and hold it up for you to see.

Lately though, I feel like I’m feeding a couple of growing teenage boys. These two are back to their old ways and seem to have a hollow leg or something that allows them to eat more food than a 4-year old should. We’ve seen their appetites go up and down based on growth spurts, which this probably is, but I’ve never seen two little kids eat so much. I swear, I give them a full, big dinner complete with something like pesto, a veggie, some fruit, maybe bread and a glass of milk. 20 minutes after their done, they’re back asking for more.

There’s no real reason for alarm since they do eat pretty healthy and clearly have been gifted with a high metabolism like Tracey and me. The only thing I’m really concerned about is my dwindling checking account balance after a trip to the grocery.


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