Just like riding a bike.

Oh...you know...just ridin our new bikes.
H-Hey daddy, look at me…I can turn (crash! followed by crying)
E-Uh oh, Hudson fell down again.
Me- It’s ok Huds…you just have to worry about peddling, not turning yet.
H-(still crying) Ok, turning hurts.

You know, there’s a reason the phrase “it’s just like riding a bike” makes sense to someone who’s ridden a bike before. But I’m pretty sure, even after getting their first bikes this weekend, that it would still be lost on the girls. While it presented me with one of those parenting moments that’ll stick with me for a long time, it’ll also be remembered for the frustration of trying to teach two kids how to peddle their shiny new barbie bikes down the street without hitting the brakes.

No matter how I tried to explain it, they just weren’t picking it up the way I thought they would. Maybe they were too excited to concentrate. Maybe it takes longer than I thought it should. Maybe, it was a little of both. Having just bought a new bike myself after having not ridden a bike in years, I’ll admit that I was a bit shaky at first, but as the saying goes, I picked it right back up. The girls, not so much.

The day started off with them riding their scooters up and down the dead end street in front of my place and they were having a great time. The weather was absolutely perfect and for some reason I felt like it was a great day for them to learn how to ride a bike. So after lunch, we headed out to Target in search of the prettiest bikes we could find. We were luckily able to grab the last two Barbie bikes off the shelf and head back to my place to put them together and get these two rollin. After a little assembly and a trip to get a bike pump, the training wheels were ready to hit the pavement.

While it seems like such an easy concept to grasp, especially being so far removed from where they are, learning how to ride a bike is not as easy as just hopping on and peddling away. They were so excited to ride, I could tell they were having a hard time containing their excitement. I could tell, because they couldn’t contain it, which might have built a little of my frustration from the beginning when they didn’t seem to be listening to me.

To their credit, they never got discouraged, scared or wanted to give up. Even after Hudson crashed while attempting to turn around, they just kept turning back to me and asking for me to get them started again. I was so proud of them and super excited to see how much they enjoyed their new bikes. I wanted to keep encouraging them and keep them excited which had me saying things like “ride like the wind,” or “be free…just peddle.” It might not have worked but at least it kept me from getting mad at them and possibly ruining what was a perfect weekend with my girls. (command + S)


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