Girl Band?

E-I like the silberson pickups. They have a girl in they band. Maybe she can be in our band. Me-You have a band? E-Oh yeah. We sound so good I’ve always said I’d never push the girls into something they didn’t want to do…so I was really hoping they wanted to be in a band. […]

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You gotta be kiddin me!

E- Can we go outside and play? Me- It’s raining…prolly not. E-Aw C’mon! Ever since the girls could talk they’ve been repeating things that we say which meant we had to start watching what we said around them. And cut back on the swearing quite a bit. After a while they were just picking up […]

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Music to my ears

E-Daddy, everwy time we’re in you car can we listen to you songs? Me-Absolutely. Which ones? E-The ‘Hey’ song. the ‘Tap’ song. And you favorite song. I remember riding in my dad’s 1979 blue Ford pick-up truck, listening to Hank Williams Jr. and Lynard Skynard tapes, singing along to every sweet riff that blared through […]

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I just wanna dance!

Me- Are you guys excited for dance class? H- How could we not be? It’s gonna be so fun! Well, it has begun. We waited as long as we could to keep the girls out of any sports/activities, but last week they started their first dance class. I’ve never been a big fan of getting […]

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  E-Daddy, what are they doin over there? What’s that girl doin? Why are they playin?  Look at the boats. Are they swimming? Me- Elle! Just watch the fireworks!   It is absolutely possible to over-hype something. I found that out the hard way this past weekend when I took the girls down to watch […]

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