Watchin the boats


E-Daddy, what are they doin over there?
What’s that girl doin?
Why are they playin? 
Look at the boats.
Are they swimming?
Me- Elle! Just watch the fireworks!


It is absolutely possible to over-hype something. I found that out the hard way this past weekend when I took the girls down to watch the WEBN fireworks on the river. I’ve been building it up for months, maybe in anticipation that they’d absolutely love them, or maybe I was just looking forward to taking them. Either way, it didn’t quite live up to the hype for me or for the girls.

Now, getting them excited for something doesn’t take very much. I can tell them that I have a surprise for them at home and they’ll get so excited that they almost explode. All I’ll have is a piece of candy and they’ll act like I just bought them their own island. So I’ve been talking about going to the fireworks for months now and I’m pretty sure it didn’t deliver to all the hype. Not the fireworks themselves, they were great, but I’m thinking all the talk about going to the fireworks wasn’t quite paid off for what the girls expected. What two 4-year olds expected, I don’t know, but they haven’t talked about it much and when they do, the conversation is short.

“I liked it.”
“They was loud.”
“It was pwetty.”
They Loud Daddy!

To be fair, it was a pretty nasty day with all the rain and wind, which kept us inside until just up to the fireworks, so that might have had something to do with it. We walked right down to a prime spot and grabbed a space to sit under my umbrella and wait for the big boom, which was really convenient and unexpected. The crowd was much smaller than I’d been imagining, which worked out great for getting a place with a clear view. As the show started, the girls seemed a little underwhelmed. Elle was people watching (which is what you do at the fireworks) and not paying attention to them at all. Hudson was watching them, but she was getting sleepy and I though she was going to fall asleep on my lap. I had to keep directing their attention to the giant, beautiful light show that was taking place in front of them or they might have missed the whole thing.

After it was over, we walked back to my place and they both crashed. At that point I attributed it to the rain, a long day with no nap and it being late. The more I thought about it, I think that I might have hyped the fireworks up to be something bigger than it was. When I was a kid, it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. Going down near downtown was spectacular. Seeing all the people was amazing. It was all new to me. But these girls have grown up here. They’re used to seeing crowds of people and going downtown. They’ve seen fireworks from the Reds games and this just wasn’t that big of a deal to them. Or maybe they were just tired. Who knows. Either way, it wasn’t as big as I thought it was going to be for them, but then again, it’s no piece of candy. Now that’s a big deal.



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