I just wanna dance!

Tiny Dancers
Me- Are you guys excited for dance class?
H- How could we not be? It’s gonna be so fun!

Well, it has begun. We waited as long as we could to keep the girls out of any sports/activities, but last week they started their first dance class. I’ve never been a big fan of getting your kids involved in things when they’re too young. One, it’s a good way to get them to hate something. Two, it’s a tremendous commitment as a parent that you’ll be doing for the next umpteen years, and what’s the rush?

Tracey and I had been talking for a while that it might be time to get them involved in dance class or gymnastics this winter, but the plan was jump-started when Dani told me that she was signing Lucy up for a class up the street in Park Hills. Joining them would be Lucy Lynn (their neighbor) and Grace (Dani’s niece), both of whom the girls know and love. It sounded like it would be the perfect way to get them started with something they’ll not only love, but enjoy going to with friends.

I was right…

Since the girls have been old enough to walk, people have been asking me when I’m going to get them started with soccer. My answer has always been, “not any time soon. I want them to do something I know nothing about.” I say this because I’m so competitive, that I’m sure I’d be the screaming A-hole dad on the sideline that all the parents shake their heads at. If they do something I don’t know anything about, then hopefully I won’t know what to yell and scream about. Ultimately this means they won’t be embarrassed by me and might allow me to come watch them do whatever they’re involved in.

Needless to say, they’ve been excited about going to dance class since we told them about it, and that excitement was pretty clear when we met at Chris and Dani’s for a little pre-dance class meal. Grace, Lucy and the girls were all running around like crazy kids. After some pizza and fruit, we got them all dressed in their cute little dance outfits and headed up to the studio. Even though she doesn’t know it, the dance teacher is probably grateful that we got them together before hand to get out some of that energy. All the little girls filed into class and looked so cute and ready to dance their little feet off.

Since parents are encouraged to not stick around for class, we headed back to Dani’s for a drink and some adult time. Before we knew it, it was time to head back to pick them up. At the end of class the girls were still so pumped up about their class and wanted to go back the next day. Unfortunately, they have to wait a whole week to go back, but I’m really excited that they loved dance class so much. Not being able to watch the class keeps me from being the screaming dad, but who knows, maybe some day they’ll ask to play soccer and I’ll get my chance. For now, I’m pretty excited about my little tap dancing/ballerinas.


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