Music to my ears

E-Daddy, everwy time we’re in you car can we listen to you songs?
Me-Absolutely. Which ones?
E-The ‘Hey’ song. the ‘Tap’ song. And you favorite song.

I remember riding in my dad’s 1979 blue Ford pick-up truck, listening to Hank Williams Jr. and Lynard Skynard tapes, singing along to every sweet riff that blared through the factory speakers. He’d also listen to WEBN and whatever classic rock was on the rotation seemed like the coolest thing. At some point I developed my own musical taste and was jamming out to Kris Kross, Another Bad Creation and LL Cool J on my waterproof Walkman tape player. So, while the girls are loving and singing along with all the songs I listen to now, I know at some point they’ll move on to some awful music that “the kids will be playin these days.” Until then, I’m just excited that they love Mumford and Sons.

A Facebook friend of mine posted the other day that her daughter was loving “The Cave.” It struck a chord with me immediately because that’s “The Tapping Song” that the girls also love. Apparently Mumford and Sons has a wider appeal than I thought with the kiddos. Every time we get in the car, the girls ask me to play the “Hey Song” (Winter Winds), followed by the tapping song and then followed by my personal favorite White Blank Page. While they don’t know all the words, they do know enough of them to hit key parts and belt them out at the top of their lungs.

I’ve been trying to expand their song queue a bit by throwing in a few new songs here and there, mostly so I don’t absolutely hate these songs in a month or so. I play some Bad Veins for them cause they know Sebby plays the drums and Ben is the singer. At dinner the other night I introduced them to Adele, who was being played on Palladium (amazing channel for dinner time music and concerts in general) and they really liked her. It was a bit of a relief that they’re willing to listen to some other songs and hopefully I can keep them on the right track to solid musical taste.

Like I did, I’m sure they’ll stray away and find their own musical interests, but for now I’m really enjoying the fact that they like the music that I’m listening to. I still like hearing some Free Bird every now and again and hopefully they’ll still be singing the “tap song” when they’re in their 30’s. And hey, it could be much worse…they could love listening to Barney and I could be trapped in that musical nightmare every time we get in the car.


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