You gotta be kiddin me!

E- Can we go outside and play?
Me- It’s raining…prolly not.
E-Aw C’mon!
Ever since the girls could talk they’ve been repeating things that we say which meant we had to start watching what we said around them. And cut back on the swearing quite a bit. After a while they were just picking up little things and using them, not knowing the context of which they were supposed to be used and it was cute because they were so little. Now that they’re getting a little older they’re using new terms that are not only in proper context, but they’re delivering them with the comedic timing of some trained professionals.

Elle’s new favorite is “Aw, C’mon!” She uses it all the time, mostly in the right context, but sometimes just for fun. When she said it the other night, it got me to thinking about some of their other fun quotes or reactions to things. Not the ones I’ve posted on Twitter as much as the ones they use every day for little things.

Here are a few in no particular order:

H-You gotta be kiddin me!

E-What the…?

E-What in the wide wide world of sports is goin on here? (courtesy of Pops)

H-You so crazy daddy.

E-Holy cow macaroni!

H-Oh my goodness gracious.

Now I’m sure there are a few I’m missing from over the years, but overall, these are the types of reactions that absolutely make my day. They turn even the most frustrating moment into something funny. I could be so mad at Elle,  take something away from her or send her off to timeout and she spurts out “Aw C’mon” and I automatically bust out laughing. I rate it right up there with them saying bad words. At first you can’t help but laugh when you hear them say it, but you know laughing will only encourage it more. So you have to be the good parent and tell them not to say bad words while keeping a straight face. Since I haven’t had them saying any swear words lately, this is the time where I have to keep myself from laughing in front of them. Most of the time I can keep it together, but man, they sure do make it tough.


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