Girl Band?

On stage with Uncle Sebby
E-I like the silberson pickups. They have a girl in they band. Maybe she can be in our band.
Me-You have a band?
E-Oh yeah. We sound so good

I’ve always said I’d never push the girls into something they didn’t want to do…so I was really hoping they wanted to be in a band. I know they like good music (see two posts ago). I know they like going to rock shows (see pics above and below). It makes sense. While I’m not so sure about their musical talents just yet, I think I could be on to something here. Sibling bands are nothing new to rock music, but I’m pretty sure the twin lead members of a band could be pretty marketable. Plus, all parenting bias aside, they’re pretty cute. I’m thinking they could be like the Mary-Kate and Ashley of rock music (the billionaire part, not the eating disorders and drug use of course).

Similar to the way they were with starting dance class, I think this could be good for me because I’m not musically talented at all and therefore can only be impressed with how good they are as they keep practicing. I’ll also be honest and admit that I have an affinity to female rockers like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Gwen Stefani and Florence + The Machine, so I can see myself really liking the idea of my girls being in that category.

While watching the Silversun Pickups perform on MTV Unplugged the girls instantly gravitated towards the female bass player who they named “Katie” (her real name is Nikki) and asked if she could be in their band. This was the first I’ve heard of their band, but I assured them if they asked her nicely she might be willing to consider it. I love that they’ve taken to the music I’ve been playing for them lately when we get home from school and work. Between Mumford and Sons, The Silversun Pickups and Adele, they are singing along and dancing to all the songs they play and have now apparently decided that they’re going to have their own band which I think is awesome.

The only thing I have to do now is take on another job so I can afford to buy them instruments and get them some lessons…or maybe I’ll just buy and iPad. There are apps on there that could teach them how to virtually play every instrument right? Then, with a little help from dad, maybe we’ll work on writing their own lyrics and coming up with a clever band name. If I’m going through all this trouble to make them famous rockers, the last thing I want is for them to turn out like Britney Spears or Lady Gaga. Gross. Alright, so that’s the plan. Keep your ears open for an iTunes album release in 2024. It’s going to be a hit.


Now that's fandom

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