Oh, now I remember…

Me- So today you’ve had cookies, a yogurt shake, candy, apple cider, a caramel apple and now you want chocolate covered pretzels? E-Well duh…Yeah! After getting “duh’d” by Elle several times recently, I’m starting to realize just how much my girls are growing up. The way they act, play, talk and talk back makes it […]

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Urban Campout

  E-Daddy are we campin? Me-Kind of. E-No we not. The only thing we have is that (pointing at fire). We don’t have a tent or sweepin bags. Me-Fair point. Thanks to my mom’s luck at a recent charity golf outing, the girls and I had the fortune of getting a brand new fire pit […]

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Just “frowin some woks”

Growing up on the banks of the Ohio River afforded me the opportunity to do many things, one of which I’ve recently found my girls love as well…throwing rocks. It’s an age old pastime that in theory sounds kind of dumb, but once you toss that first rock, you can’t stop searching for the next […]

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