Urban Campout

Where's the fire daddy?
E-Daddy are we campin?
Me-Kind of.
E-No we not. The only thing we have is that (pointing at fire). We don’t have a tent or sweepin bags.
Me-Fair point.

Thanks to my mom’s luck at a recent charity golf outing, the girls and I had the fortune of getting a brand new fire pit for the back yard. Since their car was full of people and golf clubs, my mom asked if I could bring it home for them. I’m not sure if she knew I was serious, but when I said if it comes home with me, I’m keeping it…I was totally serious. With a perfect friday night in the forecast, I told the girls that we’d be cooking out and making s’mores, which was met with enthusiasm that only Hudson and Elle can have for such a small event.

True to the forecast, the weather was perfect. I picked the girls up from school, we hit the grocery store and headed home to begin our little “campout” adventure. We grabbed everything we needed and headed to the back yard to get things cookin. Even though they told me they didn’t want hotdogs, I cooked them anyways and we sat down for the first part of our meal. True to their word, the girls didn’t want the hotdogs and mostly ate the fruit and doritos. Normally I’d stand my ground and make them clean their plates before we moved on to desert, but I could tell they were excited to roast their first marshmallows and make their delicious s’mores. So I cleaned up dinner and started prepping the chocolate and graham crackers while they did an early taste test of the marshmallows.

S'more Prep

Knowing the clumsy nature of my girls, I had to do a lot of prep work in the warning department about the dangers of fire, walking near the fire, touching the fire, holding the marshmallow sticks, how metal gets hot in fire, waving the marshmallow sticks, hitting your sister with the sticks, and so on. I guess my warnings worked, because the girls were afraid to get their marshmallows too close to the fire, which in turn meant that it took forever to get them nice and golden brown. With a little coaching and a helping hand, we were finally set to put their first ever s’mores together and enjoy.

After 5 minutes, those marshmallows were luke warm

Two s’mores and 5 or 6 “cooked” marshmallows later, we were ready to call it a night. We had the opportunity to enjoy a perfect fall weather, cook the girls first s’mores (which they loved), and have a wonderful “campout” night. Although, Elle did correct me that we weren’t technically camping out because we only had a fire, with no tent and no sleeping bags. Next time they want to actually camp out with a tent and stuff, so we might have to take our chocolate and marshmallows down to my parents house for that. Until then, thanks for letting me steal your fire pit Nana and Pops, it made for a wonderful night with the girls. An accident free night at that, which is more than I could have hoped for.


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