Oh, now I remember…

I forgot how sweet little babies are.
Me- So today you’ve had cookies, a yogurt shake, candy, apple cider, a caramel apple and now you want chocolate covered pretzels?
E-Well duh…Yeah!

After getting “duh’d” by Elle several times recently, I’m starting to realize just how much my girls are growing up. The way they act, play, talk and talk back makes it kind of hard for me to get my head around the idea that they were just little helpless babies not too long ago. The recent arrival of my new niece (Wynne) had me feeling a little nostalgic, so I started going through the girls’ baby pictures on my computer. Even having their photos right in front of me, I couldn’t hardly remember what it felt like to hold them when they were that small. It seems like it was decades ago that we were changing their diapers, feeding them bottles and had to tote them around in pumpkin seats, one on each arm.

I went to see Baby Wynne for the first time, and the second Jaime handed her over to me, all the memories came flooding back. That feeling of “holy hell, I don’t want to break this baby,” came rushing over me. Knowing how little and helpless they are. The girls’ new cousin is a perfect little angel. She only got fussy once, at which point I handed her right off, because, well she’s not mine and I can. Other than that, she rested peacefully in my arms for over an hour. It was pretty awesome. It was a feeling I haven’t had with the girls in a long time. From the moment they could walk, they were off and running. Those days of holding a cuddly little baby in my arms has been replaced by a funny, sweet, sarcastic, silly toddler who has no idea what “sit still” means.

In relative terms to what I have with the girls now, holding Wynne also made me realize just how boring babies are. It’s one of those things where it’s overwhelming when you’re in the moment and it feels like a non-stop train to crazy town, but when you look back on it, things were much simpler when they were that small. Now I have two crazy girls who need me to pull their hair up in a ponytail, tie their shoes, clean their faces and much, much more. I love my new little niece, but I’m pretty happy with where the girls are now. Especially since I don’t have to change any more dirty diapers.

Good luck Joseph and Jaime, she’s an angel, but it only gets crazier from here.


One thought on “Oh, now I remember…

  1. I do love newborns, but I’ve always said it would be nice to skip the 6 months to 2.5 years phase. I like it when they can have conversations!

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