What a difference a year makes.

Stylish. Funny. And Loud - They're a triple threat.
E-Is this marshmallow done dad?
Me-Well you haven’t held it close to the fire…so no.
Me-Did you just say ‘duh’?
Me-Oh Jesus.


A little over a year ago I started chronicling everything funny the girls said by using my Twitter account. What started off as me just having a way to remember all the crazy things they’d say, turned into a monster all it’s own. @natedye07 changed to @Twicethefunny which spawned Twicethefunny.com. The more they talked, the bigger the stories got and some posts even had a great story behind them that didn’t quite fit into 140 characters. This ultimately led to the blog, Twicethefunny.wordpress.com.  Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get tired of it or if I’ll ever run out of material to talk about. Like, when is the well going to dry up? But of course, just when I say that, they blurt out something hilarious or amazingly profound, that makes me take a note in my phone or instantly jump on my computer to write a blog post.

I spent some time this week reading back over their past tweeted statements, of which there are hundreds, and it was amazing to see the progression of not only how they talk, but how they think. The detail in which they describe things is much more elaborate. The conversations they have with me or themselves is much more grown up. Sometimes I forget how young they really are. The blog posts I used to write were more about parenting lessons to be found in what our kids say, but now they’re more detailed stories of the interactions and lessons the girls are learning and showing me, which has been fun to experience.

Their tweets used to easily fit into 140 characters and now the conversations are usually needing a bit more space. Maybe I’ll come up with a new site that is like Twitter, but gives a Hudson and Elle length of space. It gives you 500 characters and it’s called “Helle.” What do you think? Also, through this process, I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for how lucky I am to have two amazing daughters like them. I can only hope that some day when they read back through all of these, that they totally appreciate it. Hey, maybe this is what I’ll post on boards at their weddings instead of naked baby photos. Cheers to one year, and here’s to many more funny stories and quotes!

Here are a few of my favorite Tweets from the past year. I’d post them all, but it’d take up way too much space on this post.

(First Tweet)
H-You’re dead. It’s ok I’m a dr. I’ll fix you. I just have to go potty first.
4 Nov 10 
Me- why every time I walk out of this room are you bad?
H-we’re just little kids
Me-what does that have to do with it?
H-I don’t know.
23 Nov 
E-if you have earrings you have to be a girl.
Me- I had earrings when I was younger.
E- when you was a girl?
Me- uhhh…
3 Dec
E-the cows gives them milk to McDonalds.
H-then they go inside and eat chicken nuggets.
6 Jan 
Me-what’s her deal?
H-I don’t know let me talk to her…talk to me Elle. Tell me what’s the matter.
E-(crying mumbles)
H-I have no idea dad.
15 Feb
Me-I don’t want you to grow up. Will you just stay my babies forever?
E-we getting bigger daddy. that means we have to get older. Sowwy.
22 Apr 
H-when I’m gonna get my cast off?
Me-a few weeks
E-I don’t like your arm broken.
H-it’s not broken…it’s healing.
Me-Wow…that’s deep.
21 Jun 
Me-Sharks live in salt water. The river is relatively fresh water.
H-Will they come if we pour salt in it?
Me-Um no.
H-Whew thank goodness
11 Sep 
E-hmm…that’s intawesting dad. Real intawesting.
Me-thanks Elle.
E-you welcome. Thanks for bein intawesting.
20 Oct 

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