Santa’s always watching. Always.

H-Santa knew I threw a fit last week. Me-Well I told you…Santa’s always watching. E-He said I was not listening. Me-Well it’s true. E-Nuh Uh…Santa’s lying. When I was little, “the real Santa” always came to our house a week or so before Chrstmas. It was so special because he was making a trip just […]

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The Excitement is Building

  H-Turn on the Cwistmas lights daddy! Me-Ok, ok, hold on…there you go… H-Oh those are so beautiful daddy. I’ve never seen them before. Me-They’ve been up for a week. H-I’ve never seen them today. They’re beautiful.   We’re rounding the corner and heading for home on what will be the 5th Christmas with the […]

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What’s your favorite color?

  Me-What’s your favorite color? H-Pink…and purple..but more pink. E-I like Purple…and blue and green and purple.   Sometimes you have to wonder how much you influence your kids’ likes and dislikes of certain things even if you’re trying really hard not to. From the time the girls were born, Tracey and I have always […]

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